After 10 years, the Sage Yoga & Wellness physical studio has closed due to pressures of the pandemic.

You can find our teachers and the community by joining the Sage Yoga Community Satang on Facebook. We are STILL continuing on with our trainings and yoga school.

Jackie Sorensen, RYT

Jackie Sorensen is passionate about the mantra “I am grateful for awareness, spacious and loving.” By becoming more aware of what is occurring in the moment, we give ourselves the opportunity to slow down and be fully present. With our attention focused on all that is arising in a present moment, we are able to witness automatic responses, reactions, and sensations occurring simultaneously within the moment.
Join Jackie for a Source meditation experience that introduces us to the “witness state,” a state that allows for acceptance and nonjudgment. By dropping into this place of observation, and releasing the need to react or change what is being observed, we are able to rewire the old patterns we often fall into, while giving space to recalibrate our overall field of awareness.
Jackie considers herself a perpetual student of life, and along the way has received a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science as well as certifications as a yoga teacher (200 RYT), level II Reiki practitioner, and Holistic Nutritionist. Her teaching style and personal practice embodies the idea of holistic living—the idea that all things are connected by the intricate web of the universe.