After 10 years, the Sage Yoga & Wellness physical studio has closed due to pressures of the pandemic.

You can find our teachers and the community by joining the Sage Yoga Community Satang on Facebook. We are STILL continuing on with our trainings and yoga school.


Who is this training for?

Everyone – all ages, races and ability levels are welcome. Come as you are, with an open heart and mind, and dive into the centuries old spiritual map to Self that is yoga. You will be joined by a community of diverse yet like-minded individuals, from beginner yogis to advanced practitioners and teachers looking to expand their knowledge. Whether you would like to join for personal discovery or to gain teaching skills, we are here to support you.

Who are the teachers?

  • Marisa Weppner, MA, ERYT500, 1000 HR NYME
  • Naomi Jones, ERYT – Lead Trainer
  • Paul Graham, ERYT
  • Dana Menlove, MA, ERYT
  • Marcy Midnight, RYT
  • Rainbow Eric Wallace
  • Dr. Jenn Dorn, DC, RYT
  • Dr. Celeste Bolin, PhD, RYT
  • Caitlyn Lanier, LMSW
  • Mary Baker, Mantra Simran Kaur, M.Ed., ERYT 500
  • Megan Cook, RYT 500
  • Shannon Femenia, ERYT500
  • Ted Burgess, RYT200
  • Holle McRea, RYT
  • Dr. Nicole Fox, MD
  • Don Gura, Senior Iyengar Instructor 
  • Tori Hindson, RYT200
  • Laila Hardman, RYT200
  • Liz Hilton, ERYT200
  • Kacie McEgan ERYT500

How do I register?

Contact us by filling out this form or emailing the the Program Assistant Jackie at We will guide you through the simple process.

Are there payment plans?

Yes! 12 month, interest free payment plans are available upon request.

Are there scholarships?

We have a limited number of low income and BIPOC scholarships. Email for an application.

What if I miss a part of the training or can't take a required module?

We highly encourage 200 Hour student teachers to attend all required modules when offered, however make-up sessions are available when the module is offered again. 

Can I take this training if I’m not sure I want to teach?

Yes, of course! Many of our students enroll in Sage Yoga School Teacher Training Programs unsure of whether or not they will teach. There are countless ways to “teach” yoga. Numerous graduates go on to teach public yoga classes, and others go on to teach one-on-one yoga sessions with individual students. Many students take the training to receive an in-depth exploration of yoga for their own personal lives. All of our graduates go on to transform the world by shining their bright yoga lights in new ways.

How does it work?

The Modules in this program ensure that you will gain important tools for effective teaching, from deeper applied anatomy to workshop design skills, and that you also gain the ability to coach and lead others. From this platform, any yoga teaching niche is elevated. The Sage Yoga School’s professional, diverse and experienced faculty delivers the all content based on years of study within their field of expertise.

The Yin and Yoga Nidra training’s modules will focus on yoga as a tool for calming the body and mind and using these regenerative states to tap into deep peace and contentment within. You’ll learn how to use your consciousness to access potent spiritual states for personal healing and restoration. From this place of embodied felt experience you will teach from a place ignited by your own authentic truth and connection to Source.

What is your program's lineage?

Our teachers come from a variety of lineages. We consider this approach to add to a well-rounded yoga education so that the student-teacher has many examples of eastern knowledge and wisdom. Our staff is trained from yoga schools that including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Buddhist Tantra, Kundalini, Yin, Yoga Nidra and Shivananda. By presenting different lineages of yoga, our hope is that students realize that many paths lead to the same goal, and can then decide what resonates most with them. This will lead to truly embodying the teachings of yoga through a diverse offering of eastern studies.

Marisa Radha’s lineage: : Nosara Yoga/Self Awakening Yoga. Marisa is a 1000 hr Nosara Yoga Master Educator. She also trained in Ashtanga from Pattabhi Jois and Power Yoga from Baron Baptiste.

How much yoga experience do a I need to register for the program?

We welcome student-teachers from a variety of yoga asana (posture) experience and styles, and all ability levels. You can enter Sage’s YTT with a strong determination to deepen your inner and outer yoga experience and be very successful in the program.

How long do I have to complete the training?

200 Hour Training – Our next training is a 20 day immersion in February 2022.

300 Hour Training – You will be finished in November 2022.

Is there homework?

Each module is different. Some have a required textbook and reading. And others do not. In general, there is not a lot of homework. 

Other outside assignments for the 200 hour training include: meeting with your mentor, attending Practice Labs, and teaching a one hour yoga class.

The 300 hour program has a final thesis/project that must be completed on the students own time under the guidance of Radha.