After 10 years, the Sage Yoga & Wellness physical studio has closed due to pressures of the pandemic.

You can find our teachers and the community by joining the Sage Yoga Community Satang on Facebook. We are STILL continuing on with our trainings and yoga school.

About us

Journey of a Lifetime

Our yoga teacher training program is designed to assist you on your journey of self-awakening, to provide you with a foundation from which you can explore the age-old inquiries of “Who am I?” “What am I?” “Why am I here?” The answers are awaiting within. 

Turning the light of your awareness inward through yoga is the science of self-development and awakening. The tools you need are curiosity, an open mind, patience, and the courage to question everything, to be wrong and to forgive.

We wish to welcome you home to your Self.

Your teacher training experience will be one that allows for you to learn to teach yoga as well as unfold toward your innermost being. With Marisa Radha Weppner as your Lead Trainer, you will learn to teach effective and inspirational yoga classes through learning core yoga postures inside and out and to sequence and build your own class style and flow. The Sage Yoga & Wellness Teacher Training faculty will add immensely to this training experience, each bringing in their years of expertise in a certain field of knowledge. You are in exceptional hands!

Marisa Radha Weppner

Sage Yoga School Founder Marisa Radha Weppner (she/her) is an international yoga teacher who has been leading classes for nearly 2 decades. From owning a successful yoga studio to publishing a yoga book, creating online videos, traveling the world teaching at festivals and leading yoga teacher trainings, Radha has touched nearly every aspect of bringing yoga to a broader audience. Demystifying and practical integration of ancient teachings is a skill Radha enjoys as a way to build community and to help us realize we are not alone in our pursuits for transformation.

Radha has extensive training in psychology, personal transformation, bhakti yoga, social justice, earth-based wisdom traditions, and meditation. Her personal muses of music, play and peak experiences also inform her classes and teaching style. 

As a 1000hr Nosara Yoga Master Educator, Radha loves sharing the many-faceted joy that is the art and science of yoga.

Radha’s Yoga Journey:

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Studio Closure

Due to the covid-era times we have needed to close our beloved yoga studio. Our teacher training programs are continuing and we are excited for the opportunity to adapt and evolve the program in a time when the benefits of yoga and mindfulness are are needed more than ever. We miss the studio immensely and are grateful for the 10 years we had!

Please reach out if there are any teachers you would like to get in touch with. Many of them offer private or zoom lessons and would love to hear from you.

Join our Sage Satsang Facebook Community to stay in touch and see the latest offerings. Community evolving, stay involved.

Read our Closing Letter here