Tori is available for daily appointments for Physical therapy and wholistic nutrition consultations

Email: torijo@sageyogaboise.com

Phone: (208) 724 – 6922

Tori Hindson Boise Physical Therapy

Tori has been practicing physical therapy for over 15 years. She completed her Masters degree at Northwestern University in 1997 and also has a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology from Miami University. Since then she has practiced in a variety of settings, including inpatient rehabilitation, acute care, head injury rehab, home health, and out-patient sports rehab. Most recently Tori employs a distinctly hands-on approach of manual physical therapy, incorporating soft tissue massage, myofascial release, joint mobilizations, muscle energy techniques, counterstrain, and more indirect energy techniques.

She believes there is no substitute for the power of touch. Tori’s mission is to bridge the gap between her strong diagnostic tools and techniques of Western physical therapy and the more subtle yet profound energy techniques based in Eastern philosophy. Tori is skilled in treatments from head to toe, including but not limited to headaches, TMJ, cervical and low back pain, pelvic dysfunction, plantar fascitis, and postural imbalances.  Come experience a unique and effective style of treatment!

Additionally, Tori completed a two year Wholistic Nutrition program from the local Wellspring Schools of Healing Arts. The program offered a unique approach that combines traditional Western nutritional studies with Wholistic Nutrition and Eastern (Chinese) energetics to effectively determine the individual nutritional needs of the client. Tori believes that all whole food has deeply nourishing, energetic properties and that there are no “bad” foods or “best” ways to eat. Instead, her recommendations are matched to the individual needs rather than concepts of “good” and “bad” foods and diets. She is thrilled to incorporate this knowledge and wisdom into her wellness-based physical therapy practice.

Tori is honored to be one of the many talented and passionate practitioners here at Sage Yoga & Wellness. And like most of the other practitioners, she holds a deep passion for the practice and study of yoga. She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and has taught for 3 years. Although not currently on the regular schedule, Tori may substitute for classes when needed.


For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact Heidi:

Email: heidipuckett@gmail.com

Heidi integrates science, creativity, and wisdom within the spectrum of her health services as a reiki massage bodyworker, yoga teacher, reverend, and birth doula. Her passion is to empower others to find their truth from within. She believes that by supporting and honoring each person’s process, we heal the whole.

Heidi began her personal yoga practice and became a certified massage therapist and bodyworker in 2003, YogaFit trained in 2007, a reiki master in 2008, a DONA trained birth doula in 2010, and a 200RYT yoga teacher in 2013. These practices, coupled with her own healing journey, and a shamanic awakening in 2009 have given her unique insights within body-mind consciousness.

Services are offered in Boise, ID at Sage Yoga & Wellness or via phone or skype.

Please contact her for further information. email: hjaemireles@gmail.com phone: 208-695-6225 or skype:heidijaem


To schedule an appointment please contact Bonnie:

Email: oshmama@gmail.com

Phone: (208) 860-4816

Bonnie’s practice is informed by the lineage of Saul David Raye through the Ritam School of Healing Arts, with whom she studied in immersion in 2009 and 2010. She is on faculty at the Idaho school of massage therapy, teaching yoga, meditation, Qi gong, Reflexology, and Asian bodywork.

Thai yoga bodywork is shared for the purpose of harmonizing and balancing energies in the body: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Utilizing massage techniques, the sen lines are palpated; utilizing marma/ acu-pressure points, vital centers of the body are tonified; placing the body in passive yoga postures, muscles and connective tissue are gently stretched and lengthened; guided by the breath, the meditative state of calm alertness permeates the whole being. And of course, the spearhead for all healing is carefully cultivated in a space grounded in compassion and loving -kindness.

Thai yoga body work is outstanding in its capacity to assist the body in transitioning between seasons, for rebounding after illness, for maintenance in achieving fitness goals,  to reduce stress, and to simply feel vital,strong, and alive!


To schedule an appointment please contact Olga:

Email: olga.s.laporte@gmail.com

Olga Laporte, RYT 500, CRMT has been a devoted student of yoga and a spiritual seeker for more than a decade. She offers yoga classes, continuing education in yoga philosophy and methodology, energy healing and spiritual guidance. 

Olga has trained with master teachers in US and overseas. She has made multiple trips to India, Japan and Indonesia, where she practiced and studied the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa method, kriya, pranayama and meditation. In addition, Olga has completed a Yoga Seminary program and has been ordained as a yogi priest (swami) in 2014 through the Temple of Kriya Yoga. Olga’s experience is grounded in the practice of the higher limbs of yoga and includes extensive ongoing study of yoga philosophy and scriptures. She has a passion for sharing the wisdom of the yogic teachings and offers philosophy lecture seminars for yoga students and teacher training programs.

Olga is also a Master Reiki  Practitioner  and Teacher. She is an intuitive healer and uses Reiki along with other healing modalities. She offers energy healing sessions, Reiki training and mentoring. In addition, Olga provides yogic/spiritual guidance to those seeking support on their path or in their yoga practice.

Olga is committed to the integrity of yoga discipline and is grateful to all those who have guided, shared their wisdom and inspired her to be of service to others by being an instrument of authentic teaching, healing and guidance.

For more information about Olga and her offerings, please visit sattvic-path.com or contact her at olga.s.laporte@gmail.com

Reiki Energy Healing with Olga Laporte, CRMT

Olga is a Master Reiki Practitioner and Teacher. She is an intuitive healer and uses Reiki along with other healing modalities to provide an individual healing experience that best suits each person’s physical, energetic, and spiritual needs.

Reiki Session
The private Reiki session realigns the body’s natural healing system  and releases blocks caused by anxiety, tension, fear, negative thoughts and other forms of subconscious conditioning. People’s experience may vary, but a state of deep relaxation, combined with a general feeling of well-being, is usually the most noticeable and immediate effect of the treatment.  Reiki session is usually between 45 minutes and 1 hour, based on the individual’s needs.

Cost: $60/session.

Reiki Session and Guidance
In addition to the Reiki healing component, this session will include additional discussion and guidance, which will help to identify and explore any difficult areas in one’s life and offer tools to help clear emotional and energetic blockages.

Cost: $70/ hour.


To schedule an appointment please contact:

Email: goodvibesbrewingco@gmail.com

Phone: (206) 338 – 5430

Layna began her Massage Therapy career in 1996, and graduated from the highly respected Heartwood Institute of Healing Arts. Layna has used her Somatic Therapy skills to assist an Osteopath within a medical clinic, and worked at five star resort spas. Layna was also an instructor at the National Holistic Institute where she lectured and provided hands on instruction in anatomy, pathology, kinesiology and deep tissue modalities.

For the past 15 years Layna owned her own private practice and healing center. In 2005 Layna received her Master Certification in Ashiatsu, and applied her deep tissue skills on professional bodybuilders and large athletes. Layna holds multiple certifications and is fully licensed and insured.

The Ultimate ZEN:

This pampering session is designed for the client who prefers a more relaxing and overall stress relieving full body holistic massage. Each bodywork session is dedicated to assisting the client in releasing of stress, tension & trauma held within the muscular tissue that is creating pain, stiffness, disease, and overall physical fatigue.

The Ultimate Zen is ideal for a client who is experiencing stress, repetitive strain, or emotional upheaval. Clients who are recovering from major illness, or who feel the desire for more of a nurturing, medium-deep pressure, energetically balancing session rave about this gentle, kind, and compassion filled bodywork session. Each Massage therapy session with Layna is specifically tailored to the clients age, health, and overall physical and emotional needs.

Layna works within the clients comfort zone, allowing healing of not only the body, but of the mind and spirit at the deepest of levels. Each massage is tailored to the clients specific needs depending on health and may include Ashiatsu, Swedish, myofascial release, reflexology, trigger point, polarity therapy, energy balancing and moist heat.