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Tori Hindson,


Tori’s passion and skills flourish in a more non-traditional, hands-on, manual physical therapy. She elegantly combines the importance of structure, function, and posture with the more subtle yet just as profound qualities of energetic work. Her treatments are skilled, thorough, and informative. You will leave feeling empowered by having the tools to lead a more vibrant and healthy life.

Services Offered:

•  Manual Physical Therapy
•  Cranio Sacral Therapy
•  Myofascial Release
•  Postural or Ergonomic Assessment
•  Therapeutic Massage
• Wholistic Nutrition Consultation

Manual Physical Therapy for:

•  Posture Education
•  Rotator cuff injuries/frozen shoulders
•  Pelvic or SI dysfunction
•  Headaches/migranes
•  Sprains/strains
•  Acute or sub-acute injuries
•  Low Back & Cervical Pain
•  Soft Tissue Work
•  Myofascial Release
•  Gait Analysis
•  …and  much more!

Services are offered in:

Boise, ID at Sage Yoga & Wellness or via phone or Skype.

For more information, contact Tori at:

email: coming soon!