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Michael Sapiro, PsyD

Michael Sapiro, PsyD, is a psychologist, meditation teacher, and former Buddhist monk. He lives and works on the frontier of spirituality, social justice, science, and psychology. He earned his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University and holds a Master’s in English Studies. He is a consultant with the Institute of Noetic Sciences and is on faculty at Esalen

Institute. Michael is the founder of Maitri House Yoga and was trained for 20 years in both traditional Yoga philosophy and lifestyle, and Buddhist meditation. He has lived in Zen temples and ordained for a short period as a Buddhist monk in Thailand. He and his wife lead cultural immersion trips to Thailand with teachers such as Richard Miller, PhD, of iRest, and Sarahjoy Marsh of the Daya Foundation.

He is highly trained to work with people with histories of trauma, child abuse, and other forms of extreme anxiety and fear. He also works with individuals suffering from depression, relationship difficulties, and work-related stress.

In his treatment he integrates Western psychological interventions with meditation and awareness practices. He finds the greatest healing comes from living a life of presence, vulnerability, and awareness. At Sage he will fully integrate Yoga philosophy and life-style within the treatment.

What you can expect from Dr. Mike:

  • Kindness, compassion, humor, and directness
  • Encouragement to practice new skills outside of the clinic
  • Collaborative exploration of issues
  • Goal-focused and value-driven sessions promoting behavioral changes

Issues addressed:

  • PTSD and trauma (covers incidents throughout lifespan)
  • Post-combat adjustment
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Caregiver and compassion fatigue
  • Spiritual emergence or crises
  • Work-related stress
  • Lifestyle and health change support
  • Relational issues including lack of intimacy, miscommunication, resentment, and anger
  • End-of-life inquiry (dignity therapy, purpose and meaning, and other existential questions)


Initial Assessment: $80 (50-60 min)

Individual therapy: $150 (50 min)

Please speak with him about your financial needs and the option of sliding scale.

Insurance Coverage: Michael will be taking insurance starting in 2017.