Jin Shin Jyutsu® and Energy Healing Practitioner 

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Kathy’s passion for Jin Shin Jyutsu® began immediately after receiving powerful sessions where she experienced profound nourishing sensations and relaxation within her body, a quieting of her mind with expanded insight and often shifts in consciousness. At times of physical discomfort, illness and stress, Kathy noticed she healed, relaxed and felt increased wellness during and after sessions. This inspired her to dive in deeply as a student of Jin Shin Jyutsu® to share the energy harmonizing Art with others as a qualified practitioner.

About the Art 

The Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu® awakens well-being and vitality, inspires clarity and stimulates your natural ability to heal, returning your life force energy to a more harmonious state. By releasing the energetic causes of acute and chronic conditions, Jin Shin Jyutsu® enhances your body’s innate ability to heal. It restores energetic equilibrium creating a state of deep relaxation and relieves pain, fatigue, tension and stress.  The practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu® utilizes the gentle touch of fingertips in sequence on specific energetic locations, over clothing. The very simplicity and gentleness of the practice allows you to relax and receive the work. As your life force energy balance is restored – physical, mental, and spiritual harmony is experienced.


Kathy offers sessions that increase your overall well-being, self-awareness, insight and a discovery of deep peace within your mind, body and spirit. Through Jin Shin Jyutsu® you can:

  • Harmonize your life force energy
  • Support your healing process
  • Enhance your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being
  • Prepare for and recover from injury and surgery
  • Reduce the effects of pain, stress and fatigue
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Promote deep and restful sleep
  • Open your awareness of Universal energy

Sessions are about an hour. Self-help instruction is often offered for continued benefit of the energy balancing experienced in sessions and to support your body’s innate healing ability.

Cost per session: $55. Three sessions: $150. New client offer: $45.

Located at Sage Yoga & Wellness, 242 N 8th Street, Boise, you will be held in a peaceful, healing atmosphere – one where you can check-in and relax while harmonizing your mind, body and spirit.

Reach out to Kathy at 208.870.1193 or to schedule an session.